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Medieval Manuscripts from Muzeum Brněnska

In 2023, Muzeum Brněnska digitised three more medieval manuscripts from the library of the Benedictine Abbey in Rajhrad. Two volumes (R 352 and R 354) contain parts of the Bible with accompanying texts. The majority of the contents of the codex R 383 consist of works dedicated to Marian devotion - De laudibus virginis Mariae by Augustine of Ancona and Laus Mariae by Conrad of Heimburg; in addition, the manuscript contains writings of other authors of the second half of the 14th century, Matouš from Krakov and Henry of Langenstein, sermons and other texts.


The Hymnal of Jan Pinkava from the Regional Museum in Olomouc

In 2023, the Regional Museum in Olomouc digitised a hymnal referred to after its scribe as the Hymnal of Jan Pinkava (shelf mark K-24071). The manuscript was written in 1732–1735 and contains songs for the religious holidays throughout the year and hymns for some other occasions. It is decorated with a large number of pen-and-ink initials. In the long passages of the codex, these are coloured and accompanied by floral or zoomorphic elements.