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A Manuscript from the Regional Museum and Gallery in Most

In 2021, the Regional Museum and Gallery in Most provided access to one manuscript – Liber vitae et mortis fratrum ordinis minorum conventualium in conventu Pontensi sancti Francisci defunctorum, which began to be recorded by Matthias Kollnberger (shelf mark 27/Ruk). The work mainly deals with the activities of the convent of the Conventual Franciscans in Most and its members in the years 1740–1862 and is supplemented with engravings and official documents.


Sheet-Music Manuscripts from the Collections of the National Library

Nineteen shelf marks from the collections of the Music Department of the National Library of the Czech Republic have been digitized. The earliest of them comes from the last quarter of the 18th century. Most of them were copied in the 19th century. A larger group is formed by handwritten copies of compositions by František Xaver Brixi (shelf mark 59 R 1236, 59 R 1237, 59 R 1240, 59 R 1247, 59 R 1250). Other manuscripts comprise handwritten copies of excerpts from W. A. Mozart’s opera The Abduction from the Seraglio, the score of Adalbert Gyrowetz’s opera Federico e Adolfo, the score of Joseph Drechsler’s theatrical play with songs Der Diamant des Geisterkönigs, as well as handwritten copies of liturgical texts and religious songs. Some of the manuscripts come from the collection of MUDr. Ludvík Hornov.


A Cookbook from the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov

Muzeum Českého ráje v Turnově digitalizovalo v roce 2021 kuchařskou knihu z 18.-19. století (sign. R 11), která obsahuje české i německé recepty, zčásti uspořádané podle jednotlivých typů jídel nebo použitých surovin.


An Antiphonary from the Vyšehrad Chapter

The Royal Collegiate Chapter of Saints Peter and Paul at Vyšehrad has provided access to an antiphonary from the 15th century (shelf mark Ms 6). The manuscript with five large ornamental initials was bound at the turn of the 16th century. It has not been preserved in its original extent and the institution for which it was intended is not known.