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Manuscripts and a Printed Book from the Collections of the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec

The North Bohemian Museum in Liberec digitised four manuscripts and one early printed book in 2019. Three of the manuscripts contain sheet music – works by composers active in Česká Kamenice around the middle of the 19th century, Franz Hanke and Anton Fleck; the last manuscript is a textbook of mathematics and a book of recipes for making colours from 1745–1747. The early printed book XXV Lieder für Kinder und Kinderfreunde from 1792 contains songs by Franz Anton Spielmann with music by Vincenc Mašek and František X. Dušek.


Sheet Music from the National Library of the Czech Republic

The set of thirty digitised music manuscripts from the National Library of the CR comes from the so-called Mozart Memorial, which was established in the National Library in 1837 as the very first Mozarteum in the world. It contains a representative selection of Mozart’s work, especially historically important copies and the first printed editions. Most of the volumes digitised in 2019 come from the turn of the 19th century; they contain handwritten copies of scores (mostly of Mozart’s concerts) and of the librettos of the operas La clemenza di Tito and Idomeneo.


Modern Manuscripts from the Military History Institute Prague

In 2019, the Military History Institute Prague provided access to another 36 manuscripts, most of which come from the 18th century and are written in German. A homogeneous group is formed by several treatises by Johann Andreas von Traitteur on the military events in the Rhineland at the end of the 18th century; other works include especially texts on military exercises, Austrian, Saxon and Prussian military orders, theoretical works on fortification engineering, and historical-military reports on various conflicts (e.g. the Austro-Turkish War in 1787–1791 in IIR F 373 and the campaign in Italy in 1797 in IIR F 469). French texts are represented e.g. by the work on the Fortress of Arad in Romania by Jean Baptiste d'Estienne de Vauguez (IIR D 780), three volumes on military theory (IIR F 252/1–3), and a binder’s volume containing texts concerning fortifications (IIR B 2335).