Revolution Slider (Manuscriptorium 3 EN)

  • A unique discovery of the manuscript fragment
    Fragment of six two-part compositions, composed in the 13th century
  • Manuscriptorium
    is an accredited aggregator to
    the Europeana service
  • Manuscripts of the Works of Johann Joseph Rösler
    in the Archives of the Prague Conservatoire
  • Documentary Heritage on the Silk Road
    from the 16th to the 20th Century
  • IIIF in Manuscriptorium
    Cooperation with EUROPEANA
  • The most voluminous typological
    collection of the late medieval times.
  • Find.
    your own
  • The National Library of Armenia joins Manuscriptorium.
    The first contribution is a digital copy of Urbathagirq  - the first book printed in Armenian language.
    The book originated in Venice in 1512 by Hakob Meghapart.

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  • Národní knihovna České republiky - National Library of the Czech Republic
  • Západočeské muzeum v Plzni - Museum of Western Bohemia
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Complutense University of Madrid
  • Moravská zemská knihovna v Brně - Moravian Library
  • Ruprecht-Karls-Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg - University Library Heidelberg