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A Collection of Recipes from the Czech Pharmaceutical Museum

The Czech Pharmaceutical Museum in Kuks (a centre of Charles University in Prague – the Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové) has provided access to a volume containing German and Latin medical recipes by Guido Dihr from the second third of the 18th century. Its compiler joined the Order of the Brothers of Mercy in 1739; in the years 1757–1763, he was the prior of the monastery of this order in the Old Town of Prague. He died in 1772.


Sheet Music from the Collections of the National Library of the Czech Republic

The Music Department of the National Library of the Czech Republic has provided access to 39 shelf marks. These are mostly copies from the 19th century, but several of them come from the end of the 18th century. The whole collection was purchased by Ladislav Vycpálek from the Capuchin monastery at St Joseph’s in the New Town of Prague. It includes compositions by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Georg Friedrich Händel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Joseph Haydn and his brother Johann Michael, Christoph Willibald Gluck, František Xaver Brixi and other authors. In addition to individual works, there is also a collection of religious compositions by various composers (59 rm 16 from 1863) and copies of German songs for male choir (59 rm 15).


Modern Manuscripts from the National Library of Medicine

In 2020, the National Library of Medicine in Prague digitised five manuscripts. The oldest of them is a collection of German and Czech medical and other recipes (T 334); the other manuscripts also mostly deal with drug effects or contain various recipes. The collection of notes written in Chvalnov at the turn of the 19th century comprises i.a. diverse legal documents and other texts. The notes of medical lectures held at the Prague university were taken by Johann Baumeister in 1852–1853 (T 341).


Modern Manuscripts from the Military History Institute

Západočeské muzeum v Plzni v roce 2020 zpřístupnilo dva staré tisky. Pařížské vydání mší za zemřelé z roku 1682 (sign. 505 A 006) nese na vazbě zlacené heraldické supralibros opata cisterciáckého kláštera v Plasích Evžena Tyttla. Rovněž tisk 505 D 006 z roku 1670 je zajímavý svou dobovou vazbou, pořízenou pro papeže Klementa X.