About Manuscriptorium

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Manuscriptorium is a freely accessible digital library which enables ready access to concentrated information on historical resources via sophisticated search tools. The objective of the project is to provide access to existing digital content via integrated tools in order to make it as readily accessible as possible. The digital library therefore aggregates documents from many renowned institutions, extending beyond the countries of the European Union.

Our services are used in their work by researchers in cultural and historical institutions, students, teachers and last not least by enthusiastic members of the public. Manuscriptorium offers all these users the most straightforward means of acquiring information about a physical document or of directly viewing a digital copy of a document.

The user interface is designed for easy searching and viewing of documents and it enables the creation of personal collections and virtual documents. This means users and contributors of content can create their own virtual libraries from the aggregated content and share the results of their work with students, colleagues and other users.

Manuscriptorium is a Europeana sub-aggregator for the sphere of historical resources.