The Bzenec Hymnal from the Regional Museum in Olomouc

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The collection library of the Regional Museum in Olomouc has provided access to the hymnbook referred to as the Bzenec Hymnal according to its place of use (shelf mark K-24087). Most of this codex was written in the second half of the 17th century, perhaps in the 1660s, but the blank pages continued to be filled with other songs even in the 18th century and the manuscript also contains occasional records of contemporary events. The division of the manuscript corresponds to other hymnbooks: it begins with morning hymns, which are followed by hymns for movable feasts of the liturgical year, hymns for Sundays, holidays and other occasions, commune sanctorum, feasts of the saints and the Virgin Mary, and it is concluded by evening hymns.


List of documents

Kancionál, tzv. BzeneckýK-24087; Vlastivědné muzeum v Olomouci; Olomouc; Česko

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