Medieval Manuscripts from the National Museum Library

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The National Museum Library has digitised another five medieval manuscripts from its collections, all of which come from the library of the Augustinian canonry in Roudnice nad Labem. The illuminated codex containing an extensive confession guide by Astesanus of Asti and other works to be used for confession (XVII A 4) was made in Paris in 1344; the commentaries by Bernardus de Montemirato on papal decretals and other legal texts (XVII A 16) were copied in the first third of the 14th century, most likely in Bologna; a commentary on the Decretum of Gratian by Guido de Baysio from the first half of the 14th century (XVII A 1) is likely to be of South European origin as well. Works coming from the second half of the 14th century include a patristic homiliary (XVI A 7) and a collection comprising commentaries on the Biblical prologues and provincial statutes of the archbishop of Prague Arnošt of Pardubice from 1349 (XVI A 11).


List of documents

Guido de Baysio: Apparatus (Lectura) super Decretum (Rosarium Decretorum)XVII A 1; Knihovna Národního muzea; Praha; Česko
Textus iuris canoniciXVII A 4; Knihovna Národního muzea; Praha; Česko
Homiliae sanctorum patrum de temporeXVI A 7; Knihovna Národního muzea; Praha; Česko

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