Medieval Manuscripts from the Regional Museum in Mikulov

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The Regional Museum in Mikulov digitised five medieval codices in 2018. The oldest of them is manuscript MIK 6365 from the turn of the 14th century, containing a summary of the contents of Biblical books by Peter of Poitiers and the interpretation of the Books of Sentences by William of Auxerre. The other manuscripts are of Czech origin and come from between the end of the 14th century and the end of the 15th century. They mostly comprise collections of sermons, whose authors include Matthew of Kraków, Bertold of Regensburg, Tomášek of Strakonice and Albert of Padua; manuscript MIK 6362 contains various works for confession; codex MIK 6361 consists of miscellaneous astronomical texts.


List of documents

Textus varii, magna ex parte de confessioneMIK 6362; Regionální muzeum v Mikulově; Mikulov; Česko
Sermones variiMIK 6363; Regionální muzeum v Mikulově; Mikulov; Česko
Textus astronomiciMIK 6361; Regionální muzeum v Mikulově; Mikulov; Česko

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