Edition: draft; Second Draft: 01.12.2011
Authority: Oxford University Computing Services
Distributor: EMBARK Project
(a) Punctuation marks and symbols - 27 selected sharacters
(b) Diacrtical marks - 23 selected characters
(c) Numbers - 86 selected characters
(d) Letters and superscript letters - 146 selected characters

The EMBARK Gaiji Bank has benefited from the ENRICH Gaiji Bank and TEI P5 Guidelines. In addition many of the definitions come from the STANDARD OF THE OLD SLAVIC CYRILLIC SCRIPT (Especially the work ofZoran Kostić, Vladan Trijić, amongst others.) Unless otherwise stated all graphic files with examples characters are based on the Zoran Kostić's Monah font.

Produced by as part of the and released under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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