Edition: draft; First Draft: 19.10.2009
Authority: Oxford University Computing Services
Distributor: ENRICH Project
(a) Structural ligatures
(b) Non-structural ligatures
Subrange 2: Small capitals
Subrange 3: Enlarged minuscules
Subrange 4: Base-line abbreviation characters
Subrange 5: Modified base-line abbreviation characters
Subrange 6: Combining marks
Subrange 7: Combining superscript characters
Subrange 8: Punctuation marks
Subrange 9: Critical and epigraphical signs
Subrange 10: Metrical symbols
Subrange 11: Additional number forms
Subrange 12: Weight, currency and measurement
Subrange 13: Modified base-line characters
Subrange 15: Characters with macron or overline
Subrange 16: Characters with acute accent
Subrange 17: Characters with double acute accent
Subrange 18: Characters with dot above
Subrange 19: Characters with dot below
Subrange 20: Characters with diaeresis
Subrange 21: Characters with curl above (reversed ogonek)
Subrange 22: Characters with ogonek
Subrange 23: Characters with breve
Subrange 24: Characters with breve below
Subrange 25: Characters with circumflex
Subrange 26: Characters with ring above
Subrange 27: Characters with ring below
Subrange 28: Characters with tilde
Subrange 29: Characters with curly bar above
Subrange 30: Characters with vertical bar above
Subrange 31: Characters with superscript letters
Subrange 32: Characters with acute accent and dot above
Subrange 33: Characters with acute accent and dot below
Subrange 34: Characters with acute accent and diaeresis
Subrange 35: Characters with acute accent and curl above (reversed ogonek)
Subrange 36: Characters with acute accent and ogonek
Subrange 37: Characters with double acute accent and ogonek
Subrange 38: Characters with dot above and ogonek
Subrange 39: Characters with dot below and ogonek
Subrange 40: Characters with diaeresis and macron
Subrange 41: Characters with diaeresis and circumflex
Subrange 42: Characters with diaeresis and dot below
Subrange 43: Characters with ogonek and curl above (reversed ogonek)
Subrange 44: Characters with ogonek and circumflex
Subrange 45: Characters with ring above and circumflex
Subrange 46: Characters with macron and breve
Subrange 47: Characters with macron and acute accent
Subrange 48: Characters with ogonek, dot above and acute accent
Subrange 51: Alphabetical list of variant letter forms

The ENRICH Gaiji Bank has benefited from the TEI P5 Guidelines. In addition many of the definitions come from the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative (Especially the work ofOdd Einar Haugen, Andreas Stötzner, Alec McAllister amongst others.) Unless otherwise stated all graphic files with examples characters are based on the MUFI version 3 of Andreas Stötzner's Andron Scriptor Web font.

Produced by as part of the and released under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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